Seven Dead Easy Saving Habits For You

1. Deposit your savings: its best to deposit money with banks either fixed deposit or buy any securities as an investment and avail
good rate of interest on the investment. So its good to keep a habit of investing at least 30% of your salary for meeting unforeseen events or unnatural incidents. And buy insurance for your own good and safety to meet future expenses,-: and when they occur.

2. Avoid shopping centre: if you are frequent shopper and visit mall very often then its the time to cut on that and start building up your bank accounts. Reduce your shopping tendency to the need basis and spend after the amount you are left with after depositing a particular amount to your savings. And if you are an online shopaholic then I’m sorry to say but you have to cut on that too.

3. Stop smoking and drinking: cutting on booze and smoke will save a big chunk from your pocket. It’s always harmful to your health and its like wasting money and health simultaneously.

4. Reduce travel: if you are travelling every weekend then you have to switch to once in two or three weeks to cut down on your travel. ravel includes up down conveyance plus stay plus meals plus shopping cost. Reducing this would leave you with so much amount in hand which you can save for future.

5. Save before spending: save as much as can on your personal and professional expenses. Saving is your future asset. So it’s your present which will make your future. So work on savings for future benefit.

6. Cycling or walking: Avoid taking fuelled conveyance for short distance which is easily be covered on cycle or by walk. Its good for health as well as will help you save some pennies on fuel, which can be diverted to savings then.

7. Grow your own herbs and vegetable: This is the healthiest habit to be embedded in your life to get the best outcome. Its benefit is two-fold:
It is healthy and nutritious
It will make you save a lot of money which you spend on vegetable which is seasonal and vendors charge a lot for those.

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